Is the world there when I'm not? [4min46]

“Is the world there when I’m not?” is the confession of a soul, one of the many that drift along to the constant thrum of movement everyday. The story flows out from under its fingertips, busy typing to the tunes of absence, all while chasing shortcuts at every corner, convinced that happiness lies in a saved minute. Disembodied and displaced, it teleports itself to the end of each day without attention, blurring the edges of a million tiny details that hold the world together.
This visual essay pursues that missing fine balance between existing and living. Travelers on the crowded commute, endless columns of honking cars at traffic signals, feet that shuffle through bustling South Korean streets. These floating oceans of unknown faces have bodies, souls, and destinations, but something is amiss. Perhaps a silent underlying search persists unseen.


2021- Apelbaum 02, Anomalie ArtClub - Berlin, Germany