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Collision (2022)

[2-channel video installation, loop]

"Collision" is a two-channel video installation presented during the Grabowsee Residency. The work simulates the impending collision between the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies, visualizing the event through parallel projections. Andromeda, the closest and largest neighboring galaxy, is currently headed toward Milky Way at a speed of 400,000 km/s. The collision is estimated to take place in 4 billion years, resulting in the merger of both galaxies.

By bringing the two galaxies together - billion of years apart - the installation acts as a communication agent, at the service of deforming scales, reconnecting distant inhabitants of the same universe. The installation delves into the themes of time, creative geography, and physical borders - recreating probable, possible, but speculative, events.

Exhibited in Grabowsee Residency - Brandenburg, Germany (2022)

Sound by Joa Luna

3D render by Caio Mamede


Photo by Lisa Violetta Gaß. Grabowsee Residency, Germany (2022).

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